Since its inception in 1998 as a division of Adaptive Manufacturing Technologies, QuickPouch has grown to become a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative packaging automation technology. With over 300 QuickPouch systems operating across the globe in a wide variety of industries, chances are you've come in contact with a product packaged in a QuickPouch machine at some point in your daily life. Some products packaged with QuickPouch equipment include:

A Wide Variety of IVD Test Kits

Wound Care Dressings


Medical Syringes

Surgical Scalpels

Microtitre Plates (Well Trays)

Dental Implants

Ink Cartridges

Air Fresheners

Sublingual Drug Delivery Strips

Reagent Liquids

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Lotion

Latex Gloves

Beef Jerky

Salad Dressing

Cold Compresses

Home-Brew Beer Yeast

Humidity Control Devices

Dental Burrs



Medical Sponges

Chewing Gum

Violin Strings


Magnetic Stirrers

Any Many More

Adaptive Manufacturing Technologies, inc
Adaptive Manufacturing Technologies was founded in 1994 and continues to bring innovative, quality products to market through its various divisions. Adaptive Manufacturing Technologies employs over 65 people, including engineers, mechanics, electricians, machinists, and more. All Adaptive and QuickPouch products are designed and built in the USA.